It’s a start…

For a long time now, I’ve been thinking about how the basic things that I do every day – the clothes that I wear, the car that I drive, the food that I eat – impact the world in a negatively.  Everything that is easily available to me to wear was most likely made in a sweatshop.  My car eats oil and produces pollution.  The produce that I eat is genetically engineered, grown in massive factory farms with massive amounts of pesticides, and shipped thousands of  miles.  And the meat – animals living their lives in misery so that I can have a cheap steak. But it just seems so impossible to do anything differently.

This is what has been percolating in me for the past 5 or so years.  My motto in life has been “do what you can”, and the past three years I’ve been looking at CSA as a start to change the way I live.  Community Supported Agriculture is a concept where people are invited to buy a “share” of a local farm’s produce, and during the growing season, they get a part of what the farm produces.  (This link further describes it, if you’d like to know more:

This year, newly married, was the first time I’ve been settled enough to be able to join one, and I did research and found a farm in February that looked like a good fit.  My husband and I selected a half share instead of a full share, as we don’t really normally eat that much produce.  Personally, I’m excited about the challenge of having to cook and eat things that I don’t normally use.

The farm that we joined is about a 45 minute drive away (they almost all are) and offers delivery for a fee.  Ultimately I’d like to be the type of person that goes and gets their own produce, but with a full-time job (ok, it’s not just the job – I’m lazy as well) delivery seemed like a good idea.  They also offer free items for you to come and pick as well, at a farm that seems to be part amusement park, with a petting zoo, and fishing pond, and large play parks, and hayrides…

In any case, I figured I’ll at least take pictures of what I get, and perhaps even blog about how we end up experimenting with all of our new produce…


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  1. It’s so overwhelming sometimes to find a chink in the armor of all the bad practices in the world for whom we seem to be the accomplices. I think the csa is a wonderful way to start. I look forward to driving my hydrogen car to the farm so that I can pick out our own food one day!

    Fun blog idea!

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